Monday, September 16, 2013

Real Estate Update

Did you know? Within the last three months Salt Lake has had more that $8,000 go from negative to positive equity! In a recent survey done by CoreLogic, "In Salt Lake City, the share of "underwater" properties fell from 15.5 PERCENT down to 12 PERCENT" If you have been thinking about listing your home within the next year contact me today so we can get your home. Furthermore, Utah is the number 7 fast growing state. Which means that if you are trying to sell your home as a "For Sale By Owner" you are missing out on all of the potential buyers that are relocating from out of the state. The best way for these buyers to see your home is by working with a Realtor like Mike Thompson to get the maximum exposure to ALL potential buyers! If you are looking to buy or sale a home there is no better way than to Move with Mike!

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