Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Real Estate Update

Interest rates remaining low for the time being, which is good news for all of the buyers out there. but listing rates from the third quarter last year compared to this year have gone down; while the list price has gone up. This is a great time to list your home and it is getting harder and harder to find a great home at an amazing price. So many of my clients have been finding homes quickly and moving even faster to avoid a multiple offer situation. This is GREAT news for sellers that have been waiting and waiting for a better time to list. Now is as good time to list, if the market gets much better to sell it will be very hard to find a amazing deal on a new home. With my commission sharing program I have given my clients back over $1,750 just this month and over $6,500! This is a spectacular way to start in your new home so please contact me at 801.699.8176 or email at if you know of anyone looking to buy or sale there home!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Time to buy or SALE your home!

Now is a great time to buy or sale with interest rates staying low, my commission sharing program, and the rise in home prices. If you are thinking about moving now is a great time! The report from the Federal Housing Finance Agency Ranked Utah #8 in the nation for housing appreciation year-over-year. short sales and foreclosure properties are becoming less and less of burden and the housing market is showing signs of recovery. Only about 20% of home sales in April of this year were short sales or foreclosure properties; that is down nearly 11% from last year at that time! according to Forbes I don't think that it is going to slow down. they rated Utah as the third best city for finding a job and the fifth fastest growing city. Now is the time to list your house and not have to chase the market downwards, and at the same time still be able to get into a new home with a low interest rate! so let me know if you or anybody you know is looking to buy or sell their home!   

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Interest rates are still extremely low! great time to buy!!!
Weekly Review

Week of July 15, 2012
With no end in sight to our economic malaise, mortgage rates again drifted into record territory. Last week’s economic news and data simply continued in the same vein that it has for some time. There is a general sense that the Fed will eventually step in and take some action in an attempt to goose the economy. However, with interest rates at historic lows, the Fed’s options are limited. The most likely scenarios, according to many Fed watchers, are another round of quantitative easing or purchases of mortgage-backed securities. Either path would likely help drive long-term interest rates even lower. Mortgage rates may be drifting downward in anticipation of a Fed move. This is a data-packed week for financial markets. Retail sales and Industrial Production data is due, along with inflation and housing news. Unless part of the data comes in extremely outside of expectations, we are very likely to see mortgage rates continue in a mostly flat path, with some minor downward drifting. This may be the trend until the Fed announces a definitive course of action.
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Economic Overview

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekly Mortgage Update

Weekly Review
Week of May 13, 2012
With news stories reinforcing the fragile state of the global economy, mortgage rates again moved into record low territory last week. Highlighting the challenges facing Europe, financial services firm, J.P. Morgan, announced loses totaling over $2.3 billion dollars on complex bets that were intended to protect the firm from exposure to the European debt crisis. Fed Chair Bernanke also spoke last week, with little new insight into the Fed’s future plans or current view of the economy. This week is an extremely busy week of important economic data points. The CPI, Retail Sales, Industrial Production, LEI and others are due. With mounting evidence that the economy is shifting into a lower gear, any data that confirms that prognosis will apply more downward pressure on mortgage rates. Europe may also play a significant role in any movement in mortgage rates this week. With political challenges mounting, and growing evidence of even slower growth in the European bloc, any additional bad news from across the pond could pressure rates even lower.

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